Thursday, February 18, 2010



sick again....fever suck

How can someone so failed think that they are all pro?
Besides that , he thinks that whole world is wrong except him. LOL this is what i call joke.
Is there hope for this kind of person... i guess not.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

NYP days

LOL i am not studying at NYP. But just go there for course.

Didn't saw anyone from my class but did manage to see someone i know of.

Today is a interesting day ( Hope that more of such day would come =) ).

Went to Lot 1 for lunch.~~~~ Army days what to do.Then went to visit my previous superior. He was surprise when the whole branch actually visited him~~~~With joy of course. Nice to see him to be so happy. Sometimes even though we in different unit we can always visit each other if we want to, just like our life. Don't give yourself excuse, is also "JUST DO IT". procrastinate will only result in nothing.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010



From now one i will never be impressed by triple As in A level. Cause of those i met 100% got fucked up attitude. To them one phrase " I don't Know" can solve the problem. But they never that SAF got one phrase which states " I don't care". Cannot take stress one is all fucked up. They only boring with IQ but zero EQ. Seriously i really doubt on the students that came out of PJ. I look at the teacher then look at the student, I understood that successful people don't score triple As.

To those think that their Army life is fucked up cause they got scolded by their sergeant.Seriously, taking the brain usage in JC as 1 unit. Now is must have aleast 5.5 unit in order to take up my job. Guess what , i am not a regular. You will get to go meeting with all the officier and have a say in the meeting. I rather use my body than to use brain. I belong to the most stressful NSF. Seriously commando use their body than their brain, but money wise i used the most.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Clocking Milage


Cause we got lost in Serangoon... Lol rather we lost at yio chu kang, took awhile before we found hougang....

A lot of work to day... for tomorrow...

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay girls has always been a problem to not only me..... and some of my friends too.

Is not like is their fault, but hard to say.

Okay this girl has been disturbing.

Flash Back time:
She's Samson's, Jerome's and my Student is a teck whye sec student. Didn't score that well in math thats why went for remedial lesson. During that period she has been replying on samson quite a lot for her homework and test. In summary, that girl went out with samson quite a lot during that period. After she graduate we thought our task is over.

Now she treat us as one of her close friend ( no problem with that ). But recently a lot of things came out. First is she called me to go eat dinner with samson and her friend so that it wouldn't look so embarrassing ( Quite embarrassed if she eat with samson only). She also said that she doesn't want samson to get the wrong idea. Fine! so i went baring in mind that not to put them in a embarrass state. After the dinner, Samson volunteered to pay for her meals. I was like what the f**k. You don't want to give him the wrong idea but you let him pay for you bills. In order to solve this problem , i volunteered to pay for her friend's bill ( Take note is a she ). The next day she came and asked me whether i liked the girls. I was like "............". I only saw her once. The girl also quite paiseh so she gave me a wallet to thank me for the dinner. In order to pass me this dinner. The "student" called me say that she want to pass me something. So i went to meet her. Then she wanted to go for lunch. I am fine if is lunch but i was like thinking you don't want to give people wrong idea but you call people out for Mac. Haiz.....
So i asked her. Her reply was that it does not matter cause she treat me like a buddy. During the new year eve she called me go out to help her buy wine. I agreed i know sometimes that's a urge that underage people would like to drink wine during festive seasons. Before we go and buy the wine , we went lunch again . Haiz......... In the end, we did not buy anything. During the new year, she sms-ed me at night saying that she;s feeling down, so like usual i did a bit of cheering up. She said that she's happy to aleast know that someone was out there when she need help ( i do that for all my friends, for some reason no one deals to approach).

Chapter 2
Lol too long thats why break into parts. Every now and then she will approach me talk to me or dinner and such. 2 weeks ago, she sent me an message telling me that her birthday is coming soon, she's expecting something. I was like "i see what i can do". For obvious reason i will ask jerome and Samson along. 2 Days before , i still didn't know what to buy so i asked her ( stupidest thing to do , but easy to solve problem ). Her reply was wallet or bag. So i decided to get everything settled on her birthday. I went wallet shop to get a wallet, then got a cake placed at new york new york and ONCE AGAIN CONFIRM WITH SAMSON THAT HE IS COMING. In the end she got a surprise, so did I. Samson didn't turn up. I angry is not that he didn't turn up , is that he last minute say he is not coming telling me that he will pay for her dinner. MONEY IS NOT ABOUT EVERYTHING. If you ( Samson ) see this, like my unit will say " WAKE UP YOUR F**KING IDEA".

Now she is still disturbing me. I don't mind if you sms me that you not feeling happy or something. But i am not you boyfriend i didn't want to be also. Would you mind look for me when you really need help, cause i am different from everyone else. I didn't want to be friends with all the spotlight people i prefer to be friends rest of the people in the "dark" ( without the spotlight ) Cause they are the one i can believe and trust.

Now my purpose is to do everything i like, 10 months to freedom , Girlfriend is a "good to have" but not a "must to have" thing. I like my friends more than any of the girls out there... I am not gay, cause great friends are hard to come by, girlfriends you can change every week if you are capable.

Don't get offended if you belong to any of the character. Is just a recount with my opinion.May cause some problem but haiz...... i don't care~~~~~=)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The blog is dead for very long..........

Didn't know there is actually someone reading LOL.

I used to write it as a form of history or a diary to myself. Is easy to keep track of things here.

Okay Chinese new year coming Mahjong session should be coming real soon.

Nothing for today.Closed LOLs

Thursday, October 1, 2009

39 days

Sunny day, 011009 39 day to A levels,

2 weeks never post cause is always a nor stop loop of the same thing every single day.

Went for the chalet, i can say it is one of the best chalet i ever went. Maybe like what reuben said,"because got alcohol". I don't really agree with that is because everyone show their real self thus we can play until the highest level. The chalet actually is a bungalow brought by the company. first me marcus liyi and han hui went there first. When we reached it was like a haunted house, cause it was so dark and irie after we switched on the lights it felt so much better. The bungalow got a swimming pool, badrooms and 1 kitchen. At the start we actually wanted to play mahjong, however there were short of tiles thus we never played. However we sat down and play phase 10 is kind of smooth playing-sailing type no very interesting or boring.After the game we went to cook noodles, liyi han hui and me.The rest are basically leech. After that ron came by i went to fetch him to the bungalow.When he arrived he alighted one stop after. when i walk over to pick him up , when i go over i saw this weather doll like stuff hanging in the air, i got a shock of my life i quickly called ron to call him run over as i thought it was a ghost. Yet he never know when to be serious, he walk over. I was like thinking if it ever fly to ron i have to out run it to protect ron. One of the morals i think a dreammaker should have, protect things that he/she cherish. After that we went back to chalet, safe and sound. i don't ron is afraid at all. He is a friend that will never disappoint me. Next, we went back then we played phase 10 again this time kim zhi won the game. During the game they take turns to go bath, li yi was singing during shower, lol, and marcus is afraid of hairy stuff. After everything is done we sat down and play a card game where we must shout each other's name when we both flip out a card with the same number. Then the game goes on like shouting the person before or after you. First to drink is the one that always declares that he don't, marcus.Well aleast he sporting enough to drink. Actually is hanhui suggest to give him a few drop.After that everyone starts to drink big. Until one moment marcus couldn't take it , he went to sleep in the bed next to us. We then continued to play the 007game and the action card, speech card game. Where all of a sudden, the fall asleep joker suddenly wake up and say" i want to da bao" we were like shock and laughing like nobody's business.1 minute later he woke up and say, "ke yi ci le mei you?" we then all roll on the floor laughing out asses off. we then drink till 6.30am. We stopped as it ran out of alcohol. Then me and ron volunteered to go buy the alcohol.They said that they will wait for us to come back in an hour's time. We then walk 1.2km to the "nearest" 7-eleven to buy barcadi, we also brought them breakfast, and tipbits together with some mineral water. However after that i realised, after drinking so much alcohol at most i couldn't walk straight , but i didn't get drank or got my face to turn red. Weird world, if not my body is getting stronger.
I then went ot 7-eleven to buy breakfast actually we thought of getting sandwich however, they don't ( can you believe it?) Ron wanted me to pay as i look less drank than him from his prospective. When i went ahead, so when i was paying i outsmart the cashier to show that i have a clear mind and i am not drank. If i am drank the cashier may not sell it to me. After that we sat outside mcdonalds for it to open as we wanted to get them hashbrown. Ron was sitting outside next the mcdonald's statuette drinking water and chips, he really looks very tired. When we walked back , he made me carry nexr 10l of water and tonnes of other stuff. It is okay for me as i know is better for him cause he seems rather hangover ed. So is better for me to carry even though i can't walk properly. When we reached, all of them were sleeping except han hui and liyi. Cause liyi has to get her own MC for her work. lols.After we put down the stuffs. Me and ron got changed and jumped into the pools. IT WAS REFRESHING. Hanhui then came down to join us. WE then swam about 2 hours before i got up. Both Ron and Han hui went to bath and get changed to sleep. I swam a little while longer so that i can FINALLY know how to swam. When i got up to change and bath, it was freezing out there. After i bathed i tidied up the place as it was as messy as ever. Then i get to know a boy can hang his wet clothes better than girls. Haiz... dotz so i have to spread the clothes out so that they can dry better.I am really behaving more and more like a father than a 19 years old boy zzzz. After all the tidying, i went for a wake to pasir ris station. It was really a very nice walk by the beach, some point of time i really hoped that there was someone with me during that walk.I then shop around in the shopping centre before i brought something and head back.Not long after i got back, reuben and kimzhi wake up, so i join them for swimming round 2. It was at that point of time i realised i was swimming 90* in the morning so this tiem i really swam the correct method. If there were goggles it would be perfect. I then go bath for the second time. Awhile later we went pasir ris to buy something for the BBQ for that night. Apparently no matter what i brought i got the same item as han hui, maybe because they are standard items. During the BBQ eileen yap , sok hwee, samson and bertrand came by to join us. It was a waste that they didn't join us the day before. After that we left liyi and her boyfriend in the bungalow before we head home. A long long journey home.
The next day i got hanged over at work sleeping the first 3 hours at work. Wrong thing to do.

Wish that there were more of such chalets.

I always got a feeling that han hui and ron will make a decent park. I was meant to be alone all along.
For A levels i cannot make it.